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Holland & Farmer specialises in supplying businesses across Wiltshire and the South West, providing a broad range of bespoke steel and alloy fabrication and welding services. We pride ourselves on precision and have developed an incredibly experienced team and extensive and satisfied customer base over the last twenty five years.

Steel Fabrication & Welding Service

We will share our 25 year experience and its entirety and advise and guide you through the design phase if required.

For example, Recently we supplied one of our customers with camera brackets, some of which have been shipped to the FA in Switzerland for use at the Football World Cup in Russia.

The customer also uses our specifically designed parts which are used in the UK Premiership league and by the Australian National Cricket and Rugby teams to name but a few. Another of our local Swindon customers exported products to China that included items manufactured in Swindon by H&F.

Our optimal project brief, where we excel and exceed client expectations, will always be a bespoke, unique, challenging, or sometimes very straight forward project.

It’s important to us that we care and offer an excellent service regardless of the project size. That’s one of the reasons we are preferred by loyal clients that have been working with us for over a decade.


Not every job we are asked to produce is complex. Here are some examples of straight forward Steel Fabrication projects that we have manufactured:

Barriers, Benches , Cabinets, Stairs and Balconies, Lift Out Posts, Railings, Platforms, Storage, Parts for Network Rail and other blue chip companies

Box and Tubular Section Fabrication

We use hot rolled sections, in each shape, (usually for projects requiring 3mm wall thickness or above) for additional strength and we can supply and fabricate what you need for your project, irrespective of scale or complexity.

ERW sections, in each shape, (cold rolled) are used for projects requiring less structural strength and a better finish, for example furniture or benches.

All our Rectangular Hollow Section is manufactured according to British/EU Specification.

Tell us the thickness, depth and width you require, along with the quantity, via our contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Structural and Heavy Steelwork

The following steels can be supplied and fabricated by us, without CE regulations, if they are NOT to be used in a structural environment.

  • Universal Beams (U Beams)
  • Universal Columns
  • Parallel & Tapered Flange Channels
  • Joists

Although we do not stock Heavy Steels we can order and receive your chosen material quickly, often within 2 days.

If you would like to discuss your Structural and Heavy Steel work project please contact us. Feel free to supply us with your Technical Drawings either via the post, email or by dropping them in to our office.

Our team will review and discuss with you the project, your optimal fabrication and steel requirements.

If you know exactly what structural steel you need, just request the size and quantity you require today via our contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

CE Complient Structural and Heavy Steelwork Projects

We choose not focus our expertise on the Structural and Heavy Steel market, instead concentrating on lighter steel fabrication and Powder Coating. However we have a close network of specialist suppliers that are CE approved experts in this complex, regulated area that we will refer you to if required.

We will happily support the elements of your project that are non CE related structural and heavy steel works and assist you with your project design and questions.

We recommend that a certified Structural Engineer be consulted throughout the formation of your project design, fabrication and installation. If requested we will refer you to our Structural Engineering partners.

Our optimal project brief, where we excel and exceed client expectations, will always be a bespoke, unique, challenging, or some times very straight forwards project.

Call us to ask any questions you may have around your bespoke, unique, one off projects


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