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Holland & Farmer is known for delivering consistent and high quality Powder Coating that meets our client expectations. Our manual application of Powder allows for a highly flexible durable finish that can be applied to complex items. The traditional process creates an outcome for our client that an automated system would struggle to.

Delivering consistent and high quality Powder Coating

Via our specialist Powder Coating facility we manage large and small projects, from single items through to volume batches.

Our facility and oven capacity allows for long single items, such as steel posts up to 7.5 metres in length, or an item with a total area of up to 2.5m cubed.

In some cases clients engage us to Powder Coat significant volumes of components and finished goods on an industrial scale.

Our Clients

Our commercial clients engage our Powder Coating expertise and flexibility around a range of items such as:

Heavy Machinery Parts, Heavy Valves, Access Hatches, Mesh Panels, Work Benches

Often clients request that we Powder Coat small, single items, a perfect example being projects for Classic Cars and Motorcycles that often come through our workshop leading to our reputation for being the ‘go to’ Powder Coating supplier to the Classic Vehicle market place.

Powder Coating Processes

Pre prepared items are sprayed with a coloured electrostatic powder to generate an even coating prior to being heated in one of our two ovens at 180 degrees Celsius in order to create an extremely durable, high quality finish.

Powder Coating Colour Options

We stock a wide range of common colour options (xxxxnmbr) in matt, gloss, satin or some textured finishes to ensure that we can produce exactly what you require.

Please note that that within Powder Coating colour options there are even several shades of black and white and that colours may vary when viewed on your screen and on paper swatches. The way to assess a colours suitability for your project properly is to have metal swatches prepared in your preferred finish.

When a client has a specific colour in mind for their project that we do not stock they are asked to select from a RAL colour scheme list. Their colour of choice is then checked for availability via our preferred Powder Coating material suppliers.

There is a vast range of colour options stocked by our suppliers, that we can access quickly and easily, assuming that the selected colour is available.

Please note that Powder Coating is not available in every single RAL colour variation from our suppliers, ex stock. The more common the colour the greater the chance that either we or they will carry it in stock.

If your colour of choice is available and in our supplier’s stock the powder can be ordered instantly for you, for which there will be a small quantity surcharge that will vary depending on the size of your project.

For unusual RAL colours it is necessary to produce the Powder Coating especially for a client’s project, which carries a price premium due to small, bespoke batch production.

Specialist Colours available to Holland and Farmer
There is a trend towards powder coating in specialist sparkling and candy colours for many different types of application and project.

At Holland and farmer we special order sparkling and candy colours on a regular basis to meet client requirements. As Powder Coating specialists we are committed to following trends such as these to ensure that we are always able to meet client requirements, either from our own stock or via our suppliers massive depth of options.

Preparation of an item to be Powder Coated

Preparation is always the key to the quality of the finish.

Fabrication projects that we have manufactured in-house are fully prepared as it is essential that oxidisation (rust) is completely removed from the item prior to the coating process beginning.

Before non in house projects are delivered to Holland and Farmer for Powder Coating it is also essential that any oxidisation is removed by you or your supplier.

Zinc primer Under Coating

Where an item is likely to be used in a harsh environment we recommend the use of a zinc based primer as an under coat prior to the application of the top Powder Coating colour. The primer is applied at Holland and Farmer as preparatory step ahead of the final Powder Coating process.

The benefits are that the zinc primer offers protection should the Powder Coat be damaged. For items that will be used outdoors, such as railings and seating, we recommend that the item be zinc primed prior to the application of the final Powder Coat.

For total protection we recommend that an item be hot dip galvanised prior to the Powder Coating process, see below for more details.

Hot Dip Galvanising

When an item is destined for particularly harsh environments, or if absolute protection against future oxidisation is required, we recommend that the item be hot dip galvanised prior to the Powder Coating process.

Hot dip galvanising is a specialist process which can be arranged as a part of the project management service we offer.

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